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By Perry Robins, MD


Over the course of many years of teaching residents, fellows, dermatologists, and other specialists, I am frequently asked, “Isn’t there an easier or better way to perform this procedure?”  Very often, the answer is “yes!”

It occurred to me that a collection of these practical tips and techniques would be useful to all.

In years’ past I published two extremely popular books on clinical pearls in dermatology, and to this day people inquire as to when I will publish more.  In response to this continued demand, I introduce to you DermPearls, a quarterly supplement to the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD).

DermPearls presents the very best clinical knowledge in dermatology, authored by my esteemed colleagues worldwide.  I hope that you find our educational contributions through this exciting, new publication as beneficial as we do!

About the author

Perry Robins, MD

Perry Robins, MD, is Professor Emeritus of Dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Robins has practiced medicine for over 40 years and has treated more than 47,000 skin cancer patients. Over 40% of the doctors who specialize in skin cancer were either trained by Dr. Robins himself or by doctors he has trained. He has lectured in 37 countries in 4 languages. Dr. Robins is the founder and President of The Skin Cancer Foundation, a national organization dedicated to the research of skin cancer and public and medical education. Dr. Robins is also the founder/president of the International Society of Dermatologic Surgeons, founder/former-president of the Mohs Society, and former-president of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

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