Cosmetic Treatments on Skin of Color: A Unique Challenge

By Eliot F. Battle Jr. MD

I am honored to serve as Editor of the first-ever DermPearls supplement to the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. As practicing clinicians, as the population of the world shifts to include more patients of skin of color than ever before, learning how to appropriately treat this patient population has become increasingly more important. We need to be able to optimize results, manage patient expectations, and appropriately use our arsenal of devices and technologies to achieve the best possible outcomes.

As importantly, we need to adjust popular patient misconceptions to reflect new realities in the clinic: that today there are in fact numerous safe and effective aesthetic, laser and cosmetic dermatologic treatment options available for darker skin types that may have not existed as recently as a decade before.

The answer is not simple, but an important first step is the sharing of knowledge within the dermatologic and patient communities by experts in laser and aesthetic treatments on patients of color who know these unique techniques best. With pearls of wisdom from such experts as Dr. Andrew F. Alexis, Dr. Fran Cook-Bolden, Dr. Candrice Heath, and many others, this supplement seeks to broaden our knowledge base of how to best treat patients of darker skin types. From laser hair removal to injectables, from melasma to the appropriate management of acne to minimize the potential of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in patients of skin of color, one can find countless pearls of dermatologic wisdom within these pages.

I am proud to be among the dermatologists who have chosen to share their clinical wisdom within this collection of pearls, and hope that this supplement can serve as an educational addition to any dermatologist’s intellectual armamentarium as the world becomes more and more familiar with the unique needs, challenges, and techniques brought forth by patients with skin of color.

About the author

Eliot F. Battle Jr. MD

CEO and Founder, Cultura Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center, Washington, DC

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